Doctoral candidates

DC01: Molecular mechanisms involved in the degradation processes of damaged mitochondrial messenger RNAs

DC02: Influence of mitochondrial metabolic alteration on mitochondria-nucleus crosstalk: a multi-omics study

DC03: Synthesis, processing and degradation of mitochondrial RNA

DC04: Functional proteomics of the mitochondrial gene expression system

DC05: Identification and functional analysis of new factors and regulatory mechanisms of mitochondrial antisense RNA surveillance

DC06: Quality Control Mechanisms in Mitochondrial Translation

DC07: The impact of nutrient metabolism on mitochondrial DNA maintenance and expression in health and disease

DC08: Mitochondrial genomic instability and disease

DC9: Targeting of nucleic acid drugs: a new mitochondrial RNA therapeutic strategy

DC10: The functionality of mitochondrial quality control (MQC) mechanisms within mitochondrial DNA diseases

DC11: The effects of manipulating nutrient metabolism and nucleotide supplementation on organ pathophysiology