Eve Harding

DC2: Influence of mitochondrial metabolic alteration on mitochondria-nucleus crosstalk: a multi-omics study
About me

I pursued my four-year studies in Biomedical Science at the esteemed University of Sheffield in the UK. During a placement year at GSK in Stevenage, I excelled as a biomarker analyst, designing and optimising immunoassays for preclinical and clinical studies. My work earned global recognition and a prestigious award.

In my final year, I conducted a lab project on cell-penetrating peptides as a potential cancer treatment. I also authored a comprehensive literature review on extracellular matrix stiffening and metabolic reprogramming in tumour progression. These experiences fueled my passion for understanding the intricate forces behind cancer development and designing effective therapeutics.

Now, I seek to expand my knowledge and delve deeper into the role of mitochondria in cancer progression through a PhD. I am excited about collaborating with diverse labs in academia and industry to drive research advancements.

Join me on this captivating journey as we unravel cancer’s complexities and strive to transform lives with groundbreaking solutions.

About my project

In this project, we will identify the metabolic pathways activated during mitochondria-nucleus feedback. We will do so by using different types of stimuli, commonly encountered during tumorigenesis and tumour progression (e.g., nutrient alteration, oxygen levels, induction of oxidative stress). With proteomics and genomics approaches, followed by bioinformatics analysis, we will identify key proteins and their PTMs that occur as a consequence of mitochondrial metabolic alteration.