Dr. Veronica Bazzani


Solving mysteries has always fascinated me. Joining the unexplored field of mitochondrial biology was the natural consequence of my curiosity. The most exciting part of MITGEST is the aim to uncover mitochondrial unknown molecular mechanisms in health and disease, putting in touch experts of the field with young scientists involved in pioneering projects. I am really enthusiastic to be part of such an international, cutting-edge, and collaborative consortium.

Dr Veronica Bazzani is a Postdoctoral researcher at the International Institute 
of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines of Polish Academy of Sciences (IMol), Warszawa, Poland. 

Dr Veronica Bazzani joined the laboratory of Dr Vascotto in 2016. Her research aims to unveil the role of mitochondria in tumours. She focuses mainly on hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Recently, she described the crucial role of the endonuclease APE1 in mitochondria during the progression of HCC from grade 1 to the final grade of the disease, demonstrating a correlation between the amount of APE1 localized in mitochondria and the HCC stage. She is now working on the possibility to inhibit the translocation of APE1 inside mitochondria as a coadjutant treatment to sensitize resistant tumoral cells to chemotherapy.

In parallel, she is starting a new project related to acute myeloid leukemia, trying to elucidate the mechanisms behind the frequent relapse observed in patients treated with up-to-date treatments.

Dr Bazzani is co-supervising DC1 and DC2 as well as supporting co-supervision of DC5 and DC9.

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