Dr Thomas Frischmuth

For young enthusiastic researcher this international network with the focus also on extensive interaction between the participants will be exiting and hopefully result in a new generation of researchers with interest to explore this field in the future.     

Dr Thomas Frischmuth is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at the baseclick GmbH, Neuried, Germany.

For more than 30 years, Thomas Frischmuth has been active in the field of life science and medical technology as a researcher, consultant and in leading positions. Thomas Frischmuth’s research activities range from chemical synthesis (small to large scale), chemical analysis, molecular and cell biology, biotechnological synthesis (small to large scale), diagnostics (both molecular and medical), medical device (heart support systems), agriculture and drug and treatment development. In total, Thomas Frischmuth has developed and evaluated 6 drugs pre-clinical (scientific and TOX) and has taken 4 of them into phase I and/or II clinical evaluation studies. One drug is marketed for cancer treatment.

Dr Frischmuth is supervising DC9 and industry-supervising DC3, DC5 and DC7.

Accordion Content
  • Croce S. et al. (2020), Chemoenzymatic Preparation of Functional Click-Labeled Messenger RNA. Chembiochem. 2020 Jun 2;21(11):1641-1646. Frischmuth T. is co-author. DOI
  • Kollaschinski M. et al. (2020), Efficient DNA Click Reaction Replaces Enzymatic Ligation. Bioconjugate Chem. 2020, 31, 3, 507–512. Frischmuth T. is co-author. DOI
  • Raddaoui N. et al. (2020), Supersensitive Multifluorophore RNA-FISH for Early Virus Detection and Flow-FISH by Using Click Chemistry. ChemBioChem. 2020, 21, 14, 2214-2218. Frischmuth T. is co-author. DOI