Kicked off on October 1st, the MITGEST project is well on track with its activities focusing on the recruitment of 11 Doctoral Candidates. With the applications closed on 15th November, project partners have been committed to the recruitment process ever since, carefully interviewing pre-selected applicants that met eligibility criteria.

We are looking forward to welcoming MITGEST DCs in the following months! Visit our website then to find out who joined the project and learn more about DCs background.

MITGEST outreach

Running only for a month, MITGEST was already presented twice to the scientific community, in Poznan (PL) on 29th November and Warsaw (PL) on 13th December.

The project coordinator, Dr Carlo Vascotto in collaboration with two project partners, the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry – Polish Academy of Sciences (IBCH) and The Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBB) held two seminars on “Mitochondrial DNA stability in hepatocellular carcinoma” within seminar series addressing early stage researchers and especially PhD students. Two events brought together around 200 participants making it an excellent opportunity to communicate about the MITGEST research and the project’s goals.

Two people standing in front of the screen with the presentation title Mitochondrial DNA stability in hepatocellular carcinoma

More opportunities to communicate about our research are to come in 2023, so stay tuned for more updates from the MITGEST project.