We’re thrilled to announce the latest developments in the MITGEST project as we welcome two new Associated Partners on board: The Lily Foundation and Mitocon. These partnerships hold great promise for our Doctoral Candidates providing them with invaluable opportunities to engage in collaboration with patient-focused organizations.

The Lily Foundation is one of the leading mitochondrial disease charities in the UK and Europe’s largest mitochondrial research funder. Their commitment to improving the lives of people affected by these diseases through research, support, and advocacy is truly commendable.

The Lily Foundation is delighted to be joining the MITGEST consortium as an Associated Partner. Our commitment to driving research into mitochondrial disorders is unswerving, and this new collaboration will provide us with an exciting opportunity to engage with and educate medical professionals, to ensure the patient voice is being heard, and to continue raising awareness of mitochondrial disease, and our work, at an international level. 

Mitocon, another prominent partner in Italy, specializes in mitochondrial research and patient advocacy. Their commitment to advancing knowledge in this field and advocating for patients’ rights and needs fits perfectly with the project’s goals.

Joining the MITGEST Consortium is a great opportunity for Mitocon. The Association supports the growth and education of the Young Investigator Network internationally and also in Italy with a dedicated grant programme for PhD students. Young scientists are the future of mitochondrial research and our hope for patients.

These new partnerships are a significant step forward in our mission, offering our Doctoral Candidates the chance to work closely with patient-focused organizations. As a result, our young researchers will gain a deeper understanding of the real-world impact of their research as well as unparalleled insight into patients’ needs and perspectives. Stay tuned for more updates on the MITGEST project as we work together to make a difference in the lives of patients.

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