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Unlocking Biological Insights: Doctoral Candidate (DC3) Completes training on RNA-sequencing and Functional Interpretation

Our Doctoral Candidate (DC3), Dory Vergallo has recently completed the esteemed course, “Introduction to RNA-sequencing and Functional Interpretation 2024” from EMBL-EBI held on the week of the 12th to 16th of February. This achievement marks a significant leap into the domain of functional genomics, equipped with the expertise to unravel the mysteries encoded within the mitochondrial genome.

RNA sequencing, or RNA-seq, has emerged as a cornerstone of modern genomic research, offering unparalleled insights into gene expression dynamics and regulatory mechanisms. By decoding the transcriptome, researchers can unravel the intricacies of biological processes underlying development, disease, and beyond, including those related to mitochondrial function and dysfunction. The mastery of RNA-seq techniques not only sheds light on nuclear gene expression but also unveils the complexities of mitochondrial gene expression, providing crucial insights into mitochondrial function, metabolism, and disease pathogenesis. This comprehensive understanding of gene expression across both nuclear and mitochondrial genomes holds immense potential for driving innovation in personalised medicine, diagnostics, and therapeutic interventions, particularly in the context of mitochondrial disorders and metabolic diseases.

During the intensive training, MITGEST DC underwent comprehensive training in experimental design, data generation, and bioinformatics analysis of RNA-seq data. Through a blend of lectures, practical exercises, and interactive sessions, our DC gained proficiency in essential tools and techniques for processing, analyzing, and interpreting high-throughput sequencing data, including those specifically applicable to mitochondrial genomics.

Stay connected with MITGEST to follow our DC’s progress and explore the latest advancements in genomic research, including mitochondrial genomics. Visit the EMBL-EBI Training website to access resources, tools, and tutorials on RNA-seq analysis and functional interpretation. Together, let us harness the power of genomics to unlock the secrets of the genome and mitochondria, shaping the future of medicine and mitochondrial research.

The news item was written by MITGEST DC3 Dory Vergallo.

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