The past month of May started for DC6 Daria Kovalchuk with an exciting journey from Stockholm to Warsaw, where the doctoral candidate completed a one-month secondment in Dr. Roman Szczęsny’s Lab at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB).

During this time, Daria had the excellent opportunity to immerse in the dynamic and innovative environment of the Laboratory of RNA Biology and acquire new technical skills as well as build collaboration with researchers at IBB. This collaborative setting facilitated a rich exchange of ideas, fostering new perspectives and innovative approaches to DC6 research project.

The main focus of this exchange was to gain hands-on experience and advanced training in two cutting-edge techniques: RNA Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (RNA-FISH) and small interfering RNA (siRNA) screening. With the help and expertise of Dr. Lukasz Borowiski, DC6  has been able to test and apply the coupled powerful techniques to visualize and analyze mitochondrial RNA transcript levels and screen for potential target candidates in established cellular models to further investigate the quality control mechanisms in mitochondria.


Outside the lab, Daria got together with her doctoral network colleagues Giulia Santonoceto (DC5, Dr Roman Szczęsny’s Lab) and Eve Harding (DC2, Dr Carlo Vascotto’s Lab) who are currently living in the beautiful city of Warsaw. In addition to enjoying the beginning of summer in Warsaw and eating a lot of pierogi, Daria and some of the DCs attended the EMBO Workshop on Molecular Biology of Mitochondrial Gene M Maintenance and Expression in Jozefów.


“The time spent in Warsaw was a really good experience, not only for acquiring knowledge in different techniques which I can further implement back at Karolinska Institutet but also for spending time with my friends from the MITGEST community and creating memories together. I´m extremely grateful to Dr. Szczęsny and his group for hosting me at IBB and being so welcoming and to Giulia and Eve for taking care of me and showing me around! This secondment marks a significant milestone in my PhD journey, and I’m looking forward to the research outcomes.”


Stay tuned for more updates on our doctoral candidates and collaborative projects!

The news item was written by DC6 Daria Kovalchuk

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